27th July 1967: Its legacy and lessons

“What matters to those who aspire to control our lives is not skin pigment or gender, or whether or not we are gay, but the class we serve.” John Pilger

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Martin McGuinness (1950-2017)

The month of March saw the passing of Martin McGuinness, former deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, following a short illness. His funeral attracted illustrious and diverse figures from far and wide; from Irish folksinger Christy Moore to Basque separatist leader Arnaldo Otegi, from Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster to former US President Bill Clinton, […]

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Lincoln and Marx: A surprising convergence / Lincoln y Marx: Una convergencia sorprendente

“It is worth noting that Abraham Lincoln warmly welcomed the support of Karl Marx during the Civil War and corresponded with him freely.” Martin Luther King on anti-communism. / “Cabe recordar que Abraham Lincoln aceptó con beneplácito el apoyo de Karl Marx durante la Guerra Civil y mantuvo una correspondencia libre y abierta con él” – Martin Luther King sobre del anticomunismo.

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